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He comes from outerspace on a huuuuge piece of ice. Travelling at 94000mph and crashed into the hot volcanic young earth and he created the oceans and the Earth's Thermohaline Circulation system.

This works by hot water rising up from the depths and then cooling , gather saltiness, then sinking back down to the depths to heat up again. He has created the oceans currents and temperature control from the beginning of time. 

Him and Mother Earth r going through some tough times now. So he's popped into our reality for a wee while to try and bring attention to the dangerous tight rope we are dancing on with pollution and greed. Bring awareness that he still loves the human race and wants us to help him get healthy again. 

He knows we want the best for planet Earth. He loves us and just wants everyone to love and care for all living species on this wonderful planet. ❤🌊🌊🌊❤